Avalon Custom Homes

Its no stroke of luck that Tom Brumbeloe and Wayne Del Bosque ended up on common ground. Since the early 1990's, both Tom and Wayne were very busy in their independent and friendly rival home building careers in the most popular  Oklahoma City metro areas. Yet as each were quite successful, they continually faced something that neither of them could deliver.

Confident they were in the next emerging market, the two began Avalon Signature Homes in the Choctaw area before “East” was really “IN”. So in 2001, the two set off on an aggressive plan that few homebuilders will dare to tackle.


Amidst a sea of rooftops, stockade fences and flat  terrain, potential buyers were asking for a uniqueness that other builders were not providing. Tom and Wayne coupled with Avalon Signature Homes staff began searching for what so many were looking for and found it in Eastern Oklahoma County. 


Since the passing of Wayne in 2009, the passion for building a truly custom home continues to run deep in everyone that works for Avalon Signature Homes. Our company's belief in learning how you live in your homes each and everyday empowers our designers, engineers, craftsmen, community managers and owners at Avalon Signature Homes to focus on creating the custom home of your dreams.


Avalon Signature Homes is a member of the Central Oklahoma Home Builders Association, the Oklahoma State Home Builders  Association as well as the National Association of Home Builders. Avalon Signature Homes is also a Certified Professional Builder as designated by the Central Oklahoma  Home Builders Association.


Total livability.  Total affordability. Totally for you!